Les Chic 2
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LES CHIC 2: The King of Sex (2002) starring DARIAN CAINE, ZOE MOONSHINE & JULIETTE CHARLES It might be the 21st Century, but studly Les Chic struts and preens for the ladies like it's the 1970s. Unfortunately poor Les has been in a rut in the "hot female action" department, and his sexually frustrating nightmares keep getting worse - even those where his luscious lesbian friends (Darian Caine & Zoe Moonshine) get it on...and on and on and on! Drastic times call for drastic measures, so when Les learns that the basement of his record store is used as a hangout where all manners of sexual encounters take place, he's there with bells on. As Les hides and peers from the corner, he witnesses each steamy lesbian lick-fest, juicy masturbation and ultra-naughty, strap-on adventure...until he just can't take it anymore and must get his own piece of the action.
Approximate Running Time:1:10
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